Bewitched Bothered Bewildered: Behind the Scenes

There’s the old adage about real estate: Location, location, location. In talking with Chris and Emily about their ideal location for the shoot, they wanted to do a theatre. Most theatres in our area are difficult to get into. Thankfully the University of Michigan has the Lydia Mendelssohn theatre inside one of its public buildings. But the theatre is closed to the public when the box office is closed… so what’s a team to do? Use the rest of the building! The Michigan League was a great location. Originally the women’s student union building, it was built in the 1920s and maintains so much of its original architecture, art, and mood.

We also ended up using the University of Michigan Law Quad

For the second photoshoot, the photos were taken in Barton Park in Ann Arbor. The entire day it rained horribly off and on. I commend, Ari, Daniel, and Henri for dealing with the amount of rain. Unlike the other shoots, where we had plenty of daylight, we started in the evening. Within an hour, we had lost a good chunk of the light, and by the time, we got to the end, it was almost pitch black. Due to some quick thinking and an extra pair of hands, we were able to get some awesome lighting!


Lastly, the witch photoshoot also had two locations. The first was the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Marshall. Also the majority of the filming happened there, as well.

B-roll Footage was shot at Soop Cemetery in Belleville.


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Models: Chris R. and Emily S.
Photography: Kayla C. and Arianna D.
Videography: Arianna D. and Kayla C.
Clothing: Kayla C. (green dress from amazon) and Chris R (outfit thrifted)
Accessories: Emily S. and Chris R.
Makeup and Hair: Emily S.

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Models: Daniel W. and Arianna D.
Photography: Kayla C.
Videography: Henri M. and Kayla C.
Lighting: Henri M.
Clothing: Kayla C. (Black dress, denim pants, shirt, suspenders from Amazon, Boots from Etsy, shoes from unknown)
Accessories: Kayla C. (gloves from the Peacock Room, earring from Dear Golden Vintage, shawl from Jo-ann Fabrics, Flask from Etsy) and Daniel W. (hat from Amazon) (Note: the flower pin was made from supplies at Target and Jo-ann Fabrics)
Makeup and Hair: Kayla C.

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Model: Bethany M.
Photography: Kayla C.
Videography: Daniel W.
Clothing: Kayla C. (Black dress from Amazon)
Accessories: Kayla C. (Hat from Diva and Noel, books and notebook from Artifact and Whimsy antique store) and Bethany M. (ring from self)
Makeup and Hair: Bethany M.






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